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Mary Mary

Mary, Mary - James Patterson

My third James Patterson novel in a month, Mary Mary didn't disappoint. An Alex Cross novel set mostly in LA, Mary Mary follows a bizarre serial killer who goes after high profile Hollywood mothers. 

As I've mentioned in previous reviews of Patterson, I love his work because he is able to write a wide variety of characters in a believable and realistic way. Patterson's characters are well fleshed out without being overly described, if that makes sense. You get an understanding of Patterson's characters by his use of small descriptors rather than large chunks of text. I like this. 

The story of Mary Mary is also intriguing. I'll be honest, I didn't know who did it until the end, and I could not for a while, figure out how Mary Smith the woman, and the Storyteller interlaced. Patterson can spin a yarn, and it's pretty impressive.

I'm not a huge mystery fan. I tend to listen to a lot of them thanks to my mom's love for mystery audio books, and hence my getting them for free. I must say though, Patterson is an exception to my general dislike for mysteries. He writes a tight story with deep characters. As a writer myself, I love to listen to Patterson's work because he's good, and I learn a lot about the craft every time I listen.

I recommend this book.