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The 5th Horseman

The 5th Horseman - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro

This is the third Patterson book I've listened to, and I greatly enjoyed it. The Women's Murder Club was pretty intriguing to me, minus the court room stuff (which I've previously stated I don't really enjoy). I also liked the dual story lines in this book. 

Patterson is a pretty interesting author to me because he is able to write from a wide variety of view points, and he pulls it off pretty well (Alex Cross - black male) (Women's Murder Club - women of varying races). I can't recall ever stopping and thinking, "No woman would say/think that". I give Patterson major credit to be able to write characters who aren't like him. I'm not saying he's perfect at it, but he is better than most.

He's also good at the intrigue thing. He's able to weave stories together that are complex and detailed. The 5th Horseman is rarely slow (other than the court stuff), and overall it keeps you guessing. 

I listened to this book while driving, and will actively seek out more Women's Murder Club books.