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Judge and Jury

Judge & Jury - James Patterson, Andrew Gross

I'm not a huge fan of books that take place in a court room, and the first part of this book mostly takes place in a court room. That isn't to say it's not engaging, because it is. I listened to it all the way through (the flat lands of Northern Nevada couldn't compete) and that says something. All the same, I didn't find it to be one of Patterson's better books.

Judge and Jury follows the trail of a notorious mob boss and his diabolical plan to stop at nothing to get out of his sentencing. Murder, explosions, and global travel all ensue as the plot thickens and the stakes rise. A team of unlikely heros tag up and go to the ends of the earth in order to do what no one else can - bring justice to a man more deserving of it than most.

As I said, this isn't my favorite Patterson, but if you find yourself in Northern Nevada with nothing else to do, you will be entertained enough.