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The Imprefectionists

The Imperfectionists - Tom Rachman

What did I like about this book? The punctuation and grammar were well done. The chapters were pretty short, so that was nice. Also, the chapters revolved around a different person each time, so that was nice because there is no way I could have endured any of these characters for an entire book...

Let me tell you what ticked me off the most, oh wait. I have to get my normal warning out there:

THE DOG DOESN'T DIE, someone kills it.

Okay, let me get back to what ticked me off the most. Rachman as clearly never had a real relationship (friendship or loveship) with a woman. All of his female characters are lying cheating, unfaithful, uninspired, hot messes, bitches or frumps, depending on their physical appearance. One or two of these types of characters I could have endured (after all they do exist) but he didn't have a single redeeming female character. 

Well, what about the men characters, you ask? I'll grant you that, they were pretty uninspiring as well, but at least some of those character's stories existed without a woman character to prop them up. All of his female character's stories revolved around some sort of failed/terrible/upsetting relationship with a man. I hate to have to tell such a successful author this, but WE WOMENFOLK DO THINGS AND HAVE STORIES THAT DON'T JUST REVOLVE AROUND MEN AND CHILDREN. Whoa. Did i just break the Internet by typing that?

In the end, I just found myself not caring. It infuriated me that the female characters were so badly done, and after a while, I just couldn't see past that. 

I don't recommend this book.