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Junkyard Dogs

Junkyard Dogs  - Craig Johnson

This was the first Longmire book I've read. I did see the first season of the show (in an embarrassingly short amount of time, I was sick), which is why I bought the book. I enjoyed the show, and I also enjoyed the book.

A murder mystery set in a small town on the Wyoming/Montana boarder, I'm not going to get into plot specifics, you can read elsewhere for that. Instead, what I found particularly compelling about this book was how well Johnson describes the Wyoming/Montana winter landscape. The book takes place over Valentine's Day week. The weather is windy, cold, icy and dark. You can't walk without slipping, every car has fender damage, the wind blows snow down your zipped coat and into your shirt, crusted snow drifts become permanent features, the sun sets at 4, etc., etc., etc. 

The reason I liked all this so much was that I read Junkyard Dogs over Valentine's Day week, and I read it from my home in southwestern Montana. I would say that Johnson's descriptions transported me to Durant, but let's be honest, I was practically already there. All I had to do was go shovel the drifts off of my driveway and I was pretty much a background character in the book. 

The story was also fun, but I mostly just liked the fact that I was reading a book that took place in the region in which I live. You want to learn what Wyoming/Montana is like during the winter? Read this book, preferably in a dark snow storm with whipping wind, and you're on the right track. 

I recommend this book.