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The Kabrini Message

The Kabrini Message - J R Egles

The Kabrini Message is galaxy trotting adventure. Equal mixes of scientific exploration, action, and humor, the Kabrini Message spans time and space to bring its readers a story ahead of its time. 

My favorite part of the Kabrini message was J.R. Egles imagination. When I started the Kabirni Message, I knew it was written several years ago, but I wasn't sure how many years ago. According to the afterward, it was finished in 1987, which means that J.R. Egles was WAY ahead of his time. He talks about cell phones, e-books, the internet and other now common place things that were in no way common place at this book's inception. Actually, I wish I'd been able to read The Kabrini Message in 1987 because I think this book would have blown off my socks in terms of its 'science fiction' concepts.

I always like books that bring me to locations I've never visited, and The Kabrini Message certainly transported me to new worlds. I do wish that Egles had fleshed out his characters more, and used less adjectives, but in the end I couldn't help but compare the Kabrini to the Asgard of Stargate S-G1 and any comparison to SG-1 is always a good one.

I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.